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ALLAH kay siwa jinahin tum shareek theratay ho

Say, “Have you considered: if there came to you the punishment of Allah or there came to you the Hour – is it other than Allah you would invoke, if you should be truthful?” No, it is Him [alone] you would invoke, and He would remove that for which you invoked Him if He willed, and you would forget what …

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ALLAH kay siwa koi mabood nahi

Tell them: “Call upon those whom you fancy to be (your helpers) instead of Him(ALLAH)! They have no power to remove any affliction from you, nor can they shift it (to any other).” Those whom they call upon are themselves seeking the means of access to their Lord, each trying to be nearer to Him. They crave for His Mercy …

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azaan kay bad

hazrat saad bin ibi waqas r.a say rawayiat hai kay rasool ALLAH p.b.u.h nay farmaya kay jo shaks mo-azin ki awaz sunanay kay waqt kahay kay main shahadat daita hoon kay ALLAH kay siwa koi mabood nahi aur main shahdat daita hoon kay muhammad p.b.u.h us kay banday aur rasool hain aur main razi o khush ¬†hoon ALLAH ko RAB …

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