ALLAH kay siwa koi mabood nahi

Tell them: “Call upon those whom you fancy to be (your helpers) instead of Him(ALLAH)! They have no power to remove any affliction from you, nor can they shift it (to any other).” Those whom they call upon are themselves seeking the means of access to their Lord, each trying to be nearer to Him. They crave for His Mercy and dread His chastisement. Surely your Lord’s punishment is to be feared.
QURAN [17:56-57]

قل ادعوا الذين زعمتم من دونه فلا يملكون كشف الضر عنكم ولا تحويلا ﴿٥٦﴾ أولئك الذين يدعون يبتغون إلى ربهم الوسيلة أيهم أقرب ويرجون رحمته ويخافون عذابه إن عذاب ربك كان محذورا ﴿٥٧﴾سورة الإسراء

ALLAH kay siwa koi mabood nahi

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