Ryanair CEO Islamophobic remarks: he apologizes… blaming the press!

Rayanair Bycot photo

It was under the outcry raised in 48 hours by his abject Islamophobic considerations that Michael O’Lory, the sulphurous CEO of Ryanair, was forced to beat his guilt publicly, but in his own way … By accusing the British press. What a courageous flip-flop!

Boycott Call

It’s a safe bet that it is more the boycott calls of his low-cost company launched on social networks that pushed him to qualify his remarks (business obliges …), rather than the strong indignation expressed by Muslim officials from the kingdom of His Gracious Majesty. An indignation which he laughs royally, let’s be sure!

NewsPaper Details

“Today’s newspaper headlines are simply inaccurate.” As an excuse, Ryanair preferred to blame the media headlines, truncated by company management, and the disinformation at work in The Times, in the columns of which Michael O’Lory revealed on Saturday a very real Islamophobia, without safeguards and even, let’s say, visceral.

“Michael was only asking for more efficient airport security checks, which would remove much of the unnecessary line-ups at airports today for all passengers. He sincerely apologizes for any offense caused to a group by inaccurate headlines, “said the Ryanair statement.

Michael O’Lory’s false excuses, which are peculiar to despicable people, will certainly not have abused anyone on the other side of the Channel. They even risk producing the exact opposite effect to that sought by their author: amplifying the Ryanair boycott campaign on the sounding board offered by social networks.

The final word undoubtedly goes to the Collective against Islamophobia in Belgium: “We can only advise Muslim men to choose a company other than Ryanair. And by extension also to Muslim women. And by extension also to any human being who rejects Mr. O’Leary’s racism. ”