Zina with women and then doing marriage with her daughter

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Khan asked 3 years ago

It was three years ago i commit zina with a women multiple time may Allah accept my appologies and i will never go near to this sin neither with that women or any other women. I left the country and since then we are not in touch with each other. i heard that her daughter was divorced, and as i heard Nabi kareem SAW love this act of a person marring a divorced girl. So, in light of that i thaught maybe by this act ALLAH forgive me IN SHAA ALLAH. So, i just want ask if i have to do so is this marriage is acceptable in the light of Islam. Because i have heard that Shafi Scholars accept this marriage by giving two condition while on other hand Hanfi Scholars doenst accept this marriage by making it haram.
In my home country we followed imam hanfi studies.
Please pray for me that Allah forgive me for my sins 

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