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Mrs N asked 6 years ago

my husband is very dominating i am a working woman and surely working to participate financial burden along my husband but is it ok that he take all the amount when i get my salary and just give me daily fares so i can go office and come back home I cant spend a single peny with my own will I have to compromise my wishes neither can give my parents a particular amount as they have no son and my father is retire ill person he use my money like his own this thing make me highly depress now how i ask him to stop it as when ever i try to talk to him he start a battle field in house every time he make fun of wives with relatives n friends that all wives are nothing but a headache after doing so much its hard to bear insult cant leave him due to my kids plz guide me

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Admin Staff answered 6 years ago

asalam o alikum,
dear sister islam dont allow men to hurt women in anyway.
if he is taking your money you should talk to him. and if you are spending time with patience then you will be highly rewarded by ALLAH.
talk to him in polite way and tell him islamically. if you are earning money then you have right to keep it. 
recite astagfaar daily and pray from ALLAH that your husband gets soft corner for you in his heart. 
the things that can result in seperations are not good because shaitan always try to make distance between husband and wife. so my sister you should pray and recite a tasbeeh of astaghfar daily.
inshaALLAH your problem will be solved very soon

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