My wife has done Zina before our marriage, can I divorce her?

Question-AnswersCategory: marriageMy wife has done Zina before our marriage, can I divorce her?
Faisal Khan asked 7 years ago

I’ll keep my problem short and precise. Please help me find a just and
proper solution.

I married 1 year back, she’s a doctor, belongs to a respectable family and
wears hijab.

We shared important details, she accepted that she had an affair before
marriage but it was simple and she could not convince her parents though the
boy did send a marriage proposal.

I asked her a lot of questions within the limits of Haya and she gave me
convincing replies.
She made lots of promises of being obedient, honest and truthful.

6 months later when she was pregnant with my baby I find her a bit changed,
she is no more obedient and tries to control me all the time. I feel very
sad and heart broken but ignore things.

In April this year I suddenly come across her emails (she had asked me for
some help) and I find the conversations with her old boyfriend.
It took me 2 days to read all that filthy stuff of sex chats and the dirty
video calls etc.

After confronting her she admitted having has sex with him multiple times.

I cried for days , without eating or sleeping. Coz I never expected Allah
will marry me to a person like that. I’m not claiming to be sinless but I
never had any affair.

Moreover i recall all our conversations wherein she told countless lies and
decieved me into believing that she’s a pious girl.

She sought forgiveness and promised to be a good wife moreover she is
pregnant with my baby so I decided to forgive her and move on.

But 3 months have elapsed and I can’t find myself at peace. When I read
surah Noor it says that only a Zani will marry a Zani, and doing so is
haraam for Muslims.

My questions:

Why did Allah marry me to a Zani when I remained chaste till age 34? Isn’t it being too harsh on a slave

Now when her Zina is already proven do I need to divorce her?

Will I be sinful if I continue my marriage with her?

Will I be sinful if I divorce her and the baby suffers while being brought
up by a single father or a step mother?

Why did Allah reveal her sin to me when she had already repented?

Please answer my questions and let me know what is best for our life and

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Admin Staff answered 7 years ago

asalam o alikum brother,
bat ye hai kay har story ko us insan kay hisab say daikhna chayie.
aajkal kay halat aisay hain kay bhut si larkian larkon say bewakof ban jati hain jo unhe joothay pyar kay kisay sunatay hain. aur bhut say larkay bhi bewakof ban jatay hain
1 = unhu nay jhoot bola aap say shadi say pehlay ye gunah un par lazmi aya ho ga
2 = agar unhu nay kuch bura kam kia hai to iska matlb ye nahi kay aap bhi buray hain. 
3 = i am not clear kay her realation with boy was physical or virtual.
4 = ab agar sab asleat samnay aa gai hai and as you said kay she is pregnant so apko sabar karna chayie aur talaq say bachna chayie.
5 = talaq aisi cheez hai jo jayiz hai magar ALLAH kay nazdeek jayiz cheezon main ye sab say na pasandeeda cheez hai.
6 = agar apki wife nay sachay dil say toba kar li hai aur wo apkay sath mukhlis hain to ap tamam purani baton ko bhool jayie kiuke ghaltian insano say hi hoti hain.
7 = agar ap unko divorce daina chahtay hain to apko maloom hona chayie kay wo aisi halat main nahi hain. is waqt unko apki  madad ki zaroort hai.
8 = aap astaghfar ki tasbeeh parha karain aur ALLAH say madad mangain
9 = jab tay apki aulad dunia main nahi ati tab tak sabar karain aur daikhain kay Apka dil badla hai ya nahi.
10 = hazrat loot a.s ki biwi jo theen wo kufar ki madadgar theen iska matlb ye nahi kay nabi bhi pak nahi thay. anbia e karam sabhi pak hain aur pak rhain gay but kabhi kabhi ye insan par bhut bari aazmayish hoti hai ALLAH pak ki tarf say aur jo sabit kadam rehta hai ALLAH usay ajar e azeem say nawazta hai.
11 = shadi ko continue rakhnay main apkeliye bhut sawab hai 
12 =  unho nay apko shadi say pehlay dhoka dia is liye talaq dainay main ap par gunah nahi magar yad rkhain ye ALLAH kay nazdeek pasandeeda amal nahi
ALLAH kay har kaam main hikmat hoti hai my brother
sabar aur rehmat kay muntazir rhain
ALLAH apki madad zaroor farmayay ga
wo ghafoor u raheem hai

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