Moiz Ali asked 7 years ago

salam,  i want to ask if wazaif are allowed in islam and do they work? second i am doing waaif for a particular purpose  . there is one which is not time bound/limit untill prayers answered. can i do some other wazaif continuing that one.  like can i do 2 or 3 waaif one in morning one in evening ? please reply soon 

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hammad kazmi answered 7 years ago

you can do wazeefa and its good.
and also you can 2 or 3 at a time. there is no problem.
wazeefa basically ALLAH kay namo ka zikar hota hai ya aik tarha ki dua hoti hai.
so apko ALLAH say dua kartay rehna chayie aur apnay gunahon ki maafi mangtay rehna chayie.
wo apnay dar say kisi ko khali nahi lautata 🙂

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