venoms …how to get rid????

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arish ahmad asked 8 years ago

help me to get rid of unwanted venoms???i want to be the one which i was now my relation with my parents and god has become so weak…dull…

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Admin Staff answered 8 years ago

asalam o alikum dear brother,
You are worried about these things it clearly states that GOD wants you to come on the right path. do you know that parents ki nafarmani kabeera gunahoon main ati hai? means baray gunah like qatal, zana etc. parents hamesha apnay bachoon keliye behtar chahtay hain. you should be happy because your parents are worried and you should be more proud and happy when they will say you that you did what they said. you are going to be blessed person if you do what your parents say. they are not your enemies my dear.
and if you want to make a good relation with GOD then recite astaghfirullah all the time. whenever you are free, walking, etc keep reciting astaghfirullah and ayat ul qursi parh kar apnay upar phoonk dia karain.
apnay parents ko pyar ki nazar say daikha karain. parents ko muhabat ki nazar say daikhnay ka sawab aik hajj karnay kay brabar hai.
hope you understand my brother <3
may ALLAH bless you and give you strength to stay on right path
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