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Anonymous asked 4 years ago

I’m a Sunni boy. Age 19. I am in love with an ahmedi girl but the question came up from their side is that they want me to convert to ahmedi religion for marriage. They believe in last Prophet Muhammad S.A.W as their last prophet and have a belief that Hazrat Isa (Messiah) won’t come back to earth. How can i make this marriage possible?

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Syed Hamad Khalid answered 4 years ago

A muslim can get married to a muslim only. 
For being muslim you must believe that ALLAH is one and prophit muhammad p.b.u.h is last prophit of ALLAH. 
While ahmadis dont believe in that. And they believe in mirza qadyani. 
So first ask that girl to be a muslim and leave the fake religion introduced by mirza qadyani. 
If she accept islam then you can get married with her. 
Tell her about the things in islam, that will surely help you, 

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