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Muslimah asked 2 years ago

Assalam o alaikum. I am an 18 year old girl. I want to get married soon as possible. I am ready to start my practical life. Please what dua should I recite or what should I do so that I can get married soon. I live in tense and depression and I dont know why but whenever I see any couple or babies I get a bit of jealousy that why cant I be happy like them. Like why I always have to live in sorrow . And this jealousy is getting increased day by day . I pray 5 times a day and recite some duaa’s too. I also make dua to ALLAH SWT to get me married very soon. I also prayed in Ramadan and I dont miss a chance of time whenever dua gets accepted, but still it has been months and I dont see any spark of light in my life 🙁 Please help me, tell me some dua by which after reciting my wish gets

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