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arienald asked 2 years ago

I suffer from an illnes called obssessive compulsive dissorder. I have searched ocd islamqa , assim al hakeem and other pages and it said that you are not taken into account for the deeds that come as a result of the urges of illness. My biggest problem is distinguishing when I am taken into account and when I am not. Distinguishing this thing is as difficult for me as it is for a 6 year old to solve the integrals of mathematics. In particular I find it very difficuilt to distinguish the sins of the heart. A blasphemous feeling or thought comes to my mind and I cannot distinguish whether I love, I am pleased or satisfied with it, or whether it is part of my heart, or I have any part in it. Sometimes when I laugh I don,t know whether I made fun with something that cointains islam. In particular I fear the duration of a blasphemous thought because I have read that you have no sin if it is a passing thought. If a blasphemous feeling or thought stays in your mind for 20 minutes do you have kufr, major, minor or no sin at all? If during masturbation or sex or any other activity you have the feeling of pleasure that you are as great as iblis (in evil things), or the feeling of pleasure from the idea that how beatifully iblis has deceived so many people do you have sin that reaches the level of kufr,major, minor or no sin at all. Email  facebook Aldiarienald skraqi

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