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AssalamU AleyKum
I want to ask:
There is a girl who had a boyfriend. They were physically connected and did everything without ” sex”  After spenning 3 years with him, the girl realised that it was a big sin. She applogised to ALLAH and promised to start pray… spend time to teach Islam and Said to the boy that she cannot have him anymore. Now the boy says to her that she promised him to love him all life and stay with him and if she does not then is a sin too.  Girl feels a mentally pressure from boy side. They cannot get married due to family problems. What is right? Is it RIGHT to break promise with the boy and hurt him? because she has done  tauba?

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Admin Staff answered 6 years ago

sister illegal relation is not allowed in islam in anycase.
so you can break this cheap promise and as kufara gharebon ko khanay ko kuch day dijye and if marriage is not possible then kisi kisam ka bhi relation us boy say mat rakhyie.
ab aap nay toba kar li hai to aap boy say jitna door raho gi apkeliye gunah nahi balkay sawab hai

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