Faïza asked 3 years ago

Aslam o aleikum, please keep it private.A few months back I caught my husband cheating on me,And he didn’t feel remorse and found it normal, he told me it was because of me he did that.We stopped talking and when he talked was to only blame me.A few days bck, he messaged me to ask me what I wanted, did I want to be with him or notI told him that I can’t stay with a man like him, my intentions were clear that if he was to treat me this way I want a divorce. He said :« Ok talaq lay lo » « take divorce »« Meei tarf sy chuti apko » « you are done from my behalf »« Farigh ho aaj sy he » « you are free from today itself »2-3 hours later, he sent among other few msgs :« Abi tum biwi b nai rahi tu baqi sari batain b nai karna chahta » « you are no longer my wife so I don’t want to talk about other things too » Now he is lying to my parents that he had no intention but to me it is clear, we were talking about divorce.Please help me out and please keep it anonymous.May Allah bless you. Ameen.Allah hafiz

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Syed Hamad Khalid answered 3 years ago

Sister, the words he used on phone is not actually talaq, he was asking you to take talaq. 
You should involve any well wisher 3rd person in this matter, sit and talk to your husband. 
Ask him what he want. Matter will be solved. 
Keep reciting tasbeeh of astaghfirulah. 
InshaALLAH ALLAH will make it easy for you

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