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Aoa.main ne apnay aik dost se gari li jis ka agreement huwa k itna advance ha aur baqi 6 mah ka time tha aur phr 6 mah bad main paisay nahi de saka main ne usay kaha mere pass paisay nahi hain phr us ne kaha k 10 mah ka aur time daita hon aur 60000 ki amount thi lekin us ne kaha main 10 mah ka time daita hon lekin ap ne mujay 90000 daina ha ab confirm ye kerna ha k kia us ne sood lia jab k wo kehta ha agreement k mutabiq main gari wapis le sakta tha lekin main aur time de raha hon aur main time k extra paisay le raha hon ye sood nahi ha

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Wa alaikum assalam,

In Islam, the concept of riba or interest is strictly prohibited. It is considered a major sin and a grave injustice to take interest on a loan or a debt.

In your case, if your friend had demanded an additional amount of 90000 as a penalty for the delay in payment, without any prior agreement or justification, then it would be considered as riba, which is not permissible in Islam. However, if it was mentioned in the agreement that an additional amount would be charged for any delay in payment, then it would be considered a penalty or fine, and not riba.

It is important to be clear about the terms and conditions of any agreement and to avoid any ambiguity or misunderstanding. If there is any doubt or confusion, it is advisable to seek the guidance of a knowledgeable scholar or a reputable authority in Islamic finance.

May Allah guide us all to do what is right and just.

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