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Saba Gulistan asked 4 years ago

I Have Been very Good Sister And A respectful daughter for a mother And my Brothers… My name is saba… But As After The marriage of my brothers I can’t even explain how torture and the disrespect and of course become the servants of brothers wife… And even my mother become a servant of brothers wife…. Can the son make their mom servant… For their wives… Mother is a big Gift from Allah…. But now the situation have become that me and my sister and mom have become servant of brothers wife even some of my understanding brothers also become servant of my elder brother wife… Abhi is tarah ka hal kuch ke he nahi sakte nahi hi kuch samjha sakte hai…. I don’t know what will happen After Me And my sister will Got married…how mother will live….Plz suggest me something fast….

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Syed Hamad Khalid answered 4 years ago

Sister Astagfar ki kasrat kar dain. 
ALLAH say madad mangain, 
Quran pak mai irshad hai sabar aur namaz sag madad lo. 
Is lye namaz parh kar khasoosi dua karain, 
Ghafoor u raheem zaroor koi rasta paida farma day ga. 

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