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Abdullah asked 2 years ago

I liked a girl from family. i didnt see her from last 10 months. i am studying so i have to tell my parents but i was confused. a friend told about istikhara so i decided to take that. i did it but now i am confused about whether its a yes or no from Allah. i have done it 3 times, all three times different dreams. at first time 4 dreams: 1. i visited a small shop. i asked for talcum powder. he gave me a the pack it was white and sky blue in color. the shop colored red and dark colored. so i leave shop and again go back and asked for another fragrant flavored. he said; “i dont have that”. so, i left shop. 2. i was at air show and i saw a commercial airplane starting the engines. i took mobile out and make snap videos. plane was dark colored. i dont remember exactly. so it took off and make a back flip. usually ts impossibel for commercial airline. 3. i saw i was walking on black muddy was thick. 4. i was at a fight, one two boys were there for fight. i dont remember further…… =============There were 4 dreams at first night. 2 dreams at 2nd night, i only remember 1.========== 1.  i saw a pretty girl standing next to me, she wore white clothes, she was unknown to me. her hand were in my hands. =============There was again only 1 dream third time================================ 1.  i saw my grandfather funeral, he is already gone 4 years back. i saw it was quite in house and heard the news that he is no more. my cousins and siblings were playing game LUDO. and i just took the game and throw it away. Please guide me the right way. ? JazakAllah

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