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Jawad alam asked 4 years ago

Hi. I am from Lahore. There is a question I want to ask regarding property. In lahore there are certain plot schemes. In this scheme, you submit an application to real estate. Then there is a balloting which occurs in which all applications of all applicants who have applied are balloted. Successful applicants in balloting are then eligible to buy plots. They have to give money for plot in order to get its possession otherwise there plot is cancelled. Now i want to ask that initially while applying for balloting you have to give some little application fee for processing your application. This processing fee is charged to each applicant for verification and validation of data, sending tcs to office, and updating online platform etc. But after balloting this processing fee is not returned to either successful applicants or to unsuccessful applicants. Now i want to ask that does this comes into gambling? Because I think so application fee is used for processing your application and through this process becomes more secure. And it is not gambling that processing fee is not returned to either successful or unsuccessful applicants. Because plot agency is doing work of processing application and they should be given due fee for that. Just like we have application fee for getting admission is school or university etc. What do you say on this that it is permissible or not permissible?

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