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Waqas ahmed asked 4 years ago

God send me in this world . without asking me .
God tell me follow my rules otherwise you will go to hell.
I am not that much strong to complete his rules 
My life is like a hell
After death I will go to hell
Now my question is 
Is this my mistake to born in this world 
My life is hell 
After death I will go to hell
Why ????
I was Muslim 
Now I don’t follow any religion
I was learning Quran and I finish 10 para and hifz 
I cry and ask help to god please help me I want to hifz whole Quran 
He didn’t help me
I went to abroad so I just keep pray all the time 
2 months I offer namaz and tahjut 
Than I lost that job 
Again I cry and ask help god help me I stay there so I keep prayers 
Again he didn’t listen me 
These are those things I ask which he like 
He never full fill my any wish 
Last 15 years I just cry and I am in pain
I try to kill myself several time but he don’t allow me to die 
I have no idea what he want 
Is he enjoy when I cry 
Again I repeat my question
God send me in this world this is his wish 
So why he make my life hell

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Syed Hamad Khalid answered 4 years ago

Asalam o alikum Waqas Ahmed,

The main problem here is over-thinking. when you think too much and get worried then shaitan can distract your mind.

ALLAH gave you this life and you should be thankful.

Don’t you see there are many people who don’t have hands, legs and eyes or facing serious diseases ? they know the real meaning of life.

They want to have hands like you, they want to have legs like you, they want to see like you.

ALLAH has gifted you with many things. 

Everyone face problems in life. thats a test a trail. 

Ever heard that someone passed the college or university without giving exams or tests ?

This life is like a test. you should have Faith in ALLAH and you will recieve great reward.

Don’t lose hope in mercy of ALLAH. Do not let shaitan divert you from the right path.

ALLAH said if you will be thankful i will give you more.

So brother i will suggest you to recite astaghfar as much as you can and always be thankful for  what you have.

inshaALLAH ALLAH will solve your problems and give you more then you asked.

Just think positive and donot let shaitan make you go away from right path.

Start being thankful to ALLAH and i promise you he will give you more 🙂


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