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Hira asked 3 years ago

My sister and her fiance agreed to help people in need after their marriage. Her fiancée says “if a widow/divorced woman is in need of marriage (for her children’s education, for her living, or for her sexual needs) it becomes obligatory for the man to marry her if he can afford it. We’ll help them in every possible way. We’ll help her educate her children and in living. But if she wants to marry for her sexual needs, we will find a good man to marry her. There are very little chances that we ‘fail’ to find a good man who would agree to marry, then it will become obligatory for me to marry her because she can go for zina if she doesn’t find a man. Allah has made it an obligation. Since I’m not in need of a second marriage, I will put a pre-agreement to ‘only fulfill her sexual needs’. The rest of the help we can do together from our wealth. Since in this situation I only need to satisfy her and he does not have to do anything for ‘equality’ as Allah says if a man can’t do ‘adal (equality)’ between his wives, he should not marry. So i would not need to worry about adal”.
My question is:  is it really obligatory for a man to marry in this situation?
On the other hand my sister says she can not bear his second marriage in ANY CONDITION. She says “if you re-marry any other women in any condition, I can not live with you and I will end our marriage”.
What should the woman and man do in this situation? Since both of them want to live with each other but the only problem here is- obligations of polygamy. Is it really obligatory? Will the man be answerable to Allah if he doesn’t want to re-marry and denies to marry her knowing that she is in need of a sexual partner? Can the woman forbid her husband from marrying any other woman?

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