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Ahmad asked 7 years ago

I recently got married and did not knew about the importance of the word “talaq” until now. As told by many scholars, even joking about it means divorce. One month into my marriage I accidentally said jokingly “btao mujhe warna ta” (changed the sentence before saying the entire word).
English translation: “tell me this or ta”.
Does this mean I have given talaq to my wife? As mentioned above I did not utter the complete word and it probably came out of my mouth because I was thinking about the seriousness of never uttering it.

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Admin Staff answered 7 years ago

walikum asalam,
No doubt that its a very serious word. as you said you did not said it fully means you were going to say but stopped at time. so do NOT worry about it you did not divourced your wife.
and please be carefull about these things. because if someone say talaq talaq talaq even in joke then that can seperate husband and wife.

but in your case you don’t have to worry every thing is fine 🙂 stay happy

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