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Hamza asked 4 years ago

Asslamo Alaikum!  My question is regarding freelancing. I am a website developer and I had been working on a freelancing website called Fiverr. Now Fiverr is an Israeli platform and for each order they charge me 20 percent of my income. So, in some way I am doing business with Jews. My friend told me that this is wrong for a Muslim. Can you please explain me is it wrong or not? I am okay with quitting even if there is little doubt.  Thanks

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Syed Hamad Khalid answered 4 years ago


in Time of Rasool ALLAH p.b.u.h many muslims were used to buy and sell things from kufaar too when they are living at same place.

The thing which matter is the earning you are having is halal or haram. made with good way or bad way.

As long you are doing good projects and earning halal its fine 🙂


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