Protocol and Etiquette of visiting the Masjid-e-Nabwi

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Mohsin Murtaza asked 5 years ago

Mohtaram Hazrat Ajmal Raza Sahab,
Assalam o alaikum and May Allah bestow the finest of His blessings on you!
I am writing this query to seek your guidance and support on one of the matters that I happened to witness at Masjid-e-Nabwi in my first ever visit to this holy place earlier this week. I have observed that many brothers are innocently making a mistake (atleast in my opinion) in this most sacred and respectful place for the Muslim Umma, the Rodah-e-mubarak of our beloved Prophet (Sallallah-o-alaihe-wa-aaley-he-wasallam).
People are extensively using mobile phones during the visit to Masjid-e-Nabwi. They are taking selfies, recording videos and streaming live broadcasts nearby the Roda-e-Mubarak with audio comments. They are video calling to their families back home and telling their family members about important landmarks within the Masjid-e-nabwi (Yeh dekho yeh Riadul Jannat ha, yeh dekho yeh ashaab-e-suffah ki jagah ha, woh dekho jaali mubarak, aap b salam kaho etc etc etc). Mostly the recipients of these video calls are our mothers and sisters whose voice is clearly audible from mobile phone speakers and whose videos are streaming on mobile phone screens. Seeing all this was a shock for me. Is this the way we are supposed to visit the Roza-e-Mubarak of our beloved Prophet (Sallallah-o-alaihe-wa-aaley-he-wasallam). Are we not required to recite durood-e-paak throughout our time nearby Roda-e-Mubarak. Have we forgotten the holiness of the most sacred place where even the angels (Gabriel Alai-hissalam) do not enter and speak without permission. Are we not required to maintain our voices lower than the voice of our Aaqa-e-Kareem (Sallallah-o-aliahe-wa-aaley-he-wasallam).
To add to my sorrow was the fact that most of these brothers were Urdu speaking (i.e either Pakistani or Indians). Hazrat kia yeh bad-bakhti b hamaray hissay mein aani ha k hum mein itni jurrat aa gae ha k Aaqa-e-do Aalam (sallallah-o-alaihe-wa-aaley-he-wasallam) k huzoor mein kharay ho k ghustaakhi karein. Kia adab ka taqaza yeh nahe ha k uss paak baargah mein zubaan kholna to dur, hum apni nigaah ko b na uthain.
Hazrat sahib! Allah (SWT) has given you the voice which transforms the hearts of even the most sinful person like me. I am sure if you point out this topic in one of your sermons, and educate the common people like me about the protocols and etiquette of visiting the Roda-e-mubarak and Masjid-e-Nabwi, it will prevent our Pakistani brothers from committing this serious mistake.
I wanted to communicate this situation to you in person as this email might not reflect my emotions and feelings in its entirety (shaid k tere dil mein utar jae meri baat), but unfortunately I could not find a way. I humbly request you to please support me in this cause.
Jazakum Allah ho kheiran kaseera.

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