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Alya asked 6 years ago

salaams, can someone please advise me what to pray to find inner calmness, strength and patience to live with in the hell hole my husband has thrown me into. I live with my mother in law and sisters in law, everyday it’s same story of them finding ways to cause issues between my husband and I, they are all adults, I cook clean and look after not only mine but their kids too from time to time, there is one sister in law who has openly announced she hates me so always is the first one to cause issue and make my husband believe she’s very family oriented and I m being unfair to her or her daughter every time story changes. Mother in law acts like her daughter’s child and her daughter and herself are my husband responsibility before his own children and wife is nothing, she always puts them first for him. I have grown my heart big to accommodate them but why all this constant bitterness and hatred. I just want to live peacefully even after that I do for them I keep my heart clean but what do I do it’s getting too much and difficult to live. What can I pray to make my husbands eyes open up to the insufferable wrongdoings of his family to me as he thinks I mustbe in wrong coz his family is just too good and true

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