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Azhar Shahzad asked 6 years ago

Asslam O Alaikum Wa Rahmat Ul Allah! Hope you are well!   Am in Love with a non-muslim (Hindu) girl. And I love him too much but i want that, first she accept our religion ISLAM than we will marry together ? And Any Dua or Wazifah for this act ?And also Am very worried about her. Because if she don\’t ans my message i thought she will be talk to another Guy or May be She will be in Love with another Guy. I wanna Marry with her but my first priority is that she will accept my religion Islam and i want she only Love with me. So Please Please Told me any Dua or Wazifah for it ! That she can only Love with me not to any other guy or boy except me.   Jazak Allah !

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Admin Staff answered 6 years ago

walikum asalam
brother first thing is that staying in haram relation in islam is forbidden.
you can only marry that girl if she accepts islam and you can tell this thing clearly to her. if she is agree and accept islam then you can marry her. else leave this relation. you can ask for guidance from ALLAH. only he is the turner of hearts.

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