Omer asked 2 years ago

I was married to a girl 5 years back . She fell in love with someone else and she forcefully got divorce from me with an accusation of being impotent .. her family after 2 miscarriages thought she is saying the truth ..  Once before I had caught her but forgave her as i loved her and didn’t want it to end .  She got married to him after making him divorce his wife with 2 kids . 
Problem is .. I can’t forget What She had done with me.   I still get nightmares .. I still have regret that no one took my revenge .. not even Allah . They ridiculed me so much and they are happy and I suffer as i have a very strong memory .  I cannot forget the past .. daily I burn in my heart .. ppl told me Allah will take ur revenge .. But they are happy after 5 years.. 
Please help me. I m dying daily at the hands of my memory . I tried reading Quran . I tried to get my mind busy but I think the only way I would get peace is when I see that revenge has been taken.   

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