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Salam, I’m Muslims girl lived in London. I met a guy in London , he has South Africa passport. he proposed me and told he don’t have visa but submitted documents to home office. I accepted his proposal and got married.  Lator I found out he submitted no paper to home office and he is illegal in uk. Also his South African passport was not his name. He used some one else identity. 
May the time of nikkah he didn’t give real name and date of birth. He did nikkah with South Africa passport which was not his identity. Sonane Nd date of birth at nikkah was not his. This thing also I found out after nikkah. He lied to me.  
After that he caught by police and deported to Southafrica. We are living 4 years apart from each other. In 4 years he didn’t give me any money even I asked him to give me as His wife. 
I need to ask with this situation is my nikkah valid with fake name and date of birth and also we didn’t not meet 4 years and also he did not fulfilled his responsibilities as a husband. And also now I don’t want to continue this relationships. Please advise I’m in stress what to do  .
sister Saba 

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