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MUHAMMAD YASIR HANIF asked 6 years ago

Can a sunni marry a shia? If no then what is the reason when both are Muslims and recite same kalama. Is it only because of practices?

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Admin Staff answered 6 years ago

asalam o alikum yasir brother,
shia sunni etc and these groups are created by people. we were not having these groups in our beloved prophit p.b.u.h time.
its about practices and belief. some shia dont believe in some sahaba e karams, some do. some sunni group people also disagree with shia way of praying etc.
but the main thing is >> ALLAH subhanutalla said “wala tafarku” aapas main tafarka na dalo aur ALLAH ki rasi ko mazbooti say pakray rakho.
so we should stay like brothers and respect each other
their is no problem in marriages (only if they accept ALLAH is one and prophit p.b.u.h is the messenger of ALLAH)

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