Abdulrehman Khan asked 8 years ago

Sir I want to ask questions and that question always disturbing me in offering prayer 
Some people say that when we offer prayer then we should take care of sequence of Quran. And if we don’t do that we are not able to offer prayer. While in the duration of HOLLY PROPHET P.B.U.H there is no such sequence until the duration of HAZRAT USMAN R.A so if I am not Hafiz of QURAN then how should I know the sequence and what is right please help me.

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Admin Staff answered 8 years ago

No its not about the sequence for example if you are reciting ayat about hazrat musa a.h waqyat you dont need to know the full ayat you can just quote a part of it and recite it in namaz. so dont worry and recite the ayat you remember.

Admin Staff answered 8 years ago

But keep in mind don’t break the ayats in half and add them to other ayats. just complete one ayat or a full part of it before starting other ayat.

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