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Ryousafzai asked 4 years ago

I don’t know if this is the right platform to ask. But I really need answers.I would appreciate if you read my problem and answer it. Jazak Allah khair!
My fathers 1st wife died due to cancer. From 1st wife he had 3 kids 2 daughters and one sone. The son was of 1 year when he married another women and from  the second wife I am the first child and then one brother and sister. My mother is not educated and had some hate for there step children although she loves them but still she had  some hard corner for them. My brother(step brother) got married 5 months back to our cousin. My mother thinks his wife is making him against us. My mother is making fuss of small things. My Bhabi works all day, cooks clean the house yet my mother is not happy with her. and not happy from my brother (step brother) she taunts her on everything. I also teach my mother that forgive her for her mistakes. It is not her duty to take care of this home. her only duty is her husband. But she keep on saying why when I got married I had to take care of 3 children and did all the work from cooking to cleaning so can’t she. she always compare her with herself. My Dhabi too lies sometimes. But the main issue is at this age we can’t change my mothers mentality she thinks she took care of the step son now he is standing infront of me for his  wife and starts crying. she is creating a depressed environment. please tell me that my mother have th same rights as the real mother have on my step brother. she didn’t feed him but she took cate of him. Please tell me how to change my mothers mentality toward them. I know its a typical issue. Bt I swear upon Allah its very depressing. whenever this kind of  situation happens I always think negative about my mother.  and don’t want to speak to her. I got worried that what if Allah takes all the revenges from me of my mother. This make me scared and cry. 

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Syed Hamad Khalid answered 4 years ago

walikum asalam,

Please recite astaghfar daily as many times as you can. and ask for help from ALLAH almight.

You can pray only but ALLAH is the only one who can change hearts.

So keep praying and give sadqa to some poor.

InshaALLAH your problem will be solved.

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