My Mother

Muhammad Danyal Abdullah asked 5 years ago

My mother is one of my beloved relation.I can’t live without her. I used to be a bad boy and it hurts my mother the most.But suddenly I realized the importance of my mother and left all those deeds that hurts her.And I have decided to live my entire life with her pleasure,her decision and her satisfaction.But my mother is a simple woman.I entrusted my entire life to her but still she fails to acknowledge my sacrifice for her just because of some critic mongers in my relatives who used to detrack her expectations from me and at that point she loses her belief upon me and just simply cut off talking with me and indirectly shows me the gesture of distrust.I knew that these all happenings are due to my relatives who used to spread rumors against me,but if I owe my mother,if I have left all deeds for her that hurts hers,if I am showing gesture that I am changed now and I am obeying all your commands then why she trusts others more than me?Why she acknowledges others false opinions about me?Why is she not fully trusting me?I have reached to the maximum limits in regaining her trust and I am changed now,then why she believes her relatives more than me that are just doing everything in order to make my mother lose trust on me.I am honestly speaking that rebellious attitude is developing inside me due her such gestures.Kindly guide me.

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