my every second is in trouble cousin marriage

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mady asked 7 years ago

Aoa you are a liberal scholar so i am feeling relax to ask    i have a serious problem. i love my cousin to the extent that whether he love me or not i dont want to marry any other person . my cousin is 26 and i am 29 from my childhood i like him. my proposals are coming but my mind is not accepting anyone .and now i am praying to GOD and this love also take me near GOD . My all family anf friends says that this is not possible because of his mother. i also know this reality but want any wazifa or dua that GOD will grant \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”KUN\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” regarding my wish.   My cousin once said me that ask your parents but on the very next morning he behaves that he said nothing because of his mother.   Kindly help me and in a way that i will get him not to forget him.    PLEASE TELL ME ANY DUA OR WAZIFA. i am working in MCB Bank Limited sometime i thought that is my bank income is a barrier that my dua is not accepting. but i dont do any interest base sales i just worked in operations of the bank and i help people and they also gave me lot ov duas but i am in very much trouble please help me.

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Admin Staff answered 7 years ago

walikum salam
sister we provide our best to provide solution to users problems.
ham apki problem samjh sktay hain par yahan par apko kuch cheezon par ghor karnay ki zaroort hai. shadi koi khel nahi hai ya chand dinu ki bat nahi hoti balkay ye pori life ka sawal hota hai. agar wo larka apko pasand karta hai to ye uska farz banta hai kay apnay parents ko apkay ghar layay ya unko manayay.
but agar wo khud hi nahi chahta ho ga aur agar shadi ho bhi gai to khud sochain ap unkay ghar waloon kay sath ya us larkay kay sath khush reh payain gi ?

aap ko is mamlay main istekhara karnay ki zaroort hai. isha ki namaz kay bad 2 nafal namaz e istekhara parhain aur phir istekhara ki dua parh kar so jayain takay apko pata chalay wo larka apkeliye thek hai ya nahi

ye hai istekhara ki dua 

istekhara ki dua
agar istekhara acha aa jayay to matlb larka apkeliye acha hai. namaz ki pabandi karain aur ALLAH ka kasrat say zikar kar kay us say dua karain. sath main astaghfar ki kasrat karain aur la ilaha ila anta subhanaka ini kuntu minazua leen ko ziada say ziada parhain

hamari dua hai kay ALLAH pak apki problems juldi hal farma dain


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