Mother and wife problems.

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Muhammad ibtehaj alam asked 4 years ago

I wanna ask a question and need the answer as soon as possible. I done a Nikah with a girl without telling my family . My mother was to much against her. That might Allah do betterment but things didn’t changed . Now my mother doesn’t know she want me to marry someone else . If I dont listen mother will be angry and I dont wanna leave my wife too .. I am not in position to tell my mother too and go out of home. 

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Syed Hamad khalid answered 4 years ago

Asalamoalikum brother, 
Bazurgan e deen farma gyay hain sach jitna bhi karwa ho us mai khair hoti hai. 
Apko sabko sach bta daina chayie is say shuru mai sab naraz zaroor hoon gay par sachai sabkay samnay ajaye gi. 
Aur apko is pareshani say roz roz nahi guzrna paray ga. 
Astaghfar ki tasbeeh zyada parha karain asaani ho gi 🙂

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