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Habib Khan asked 7 years ago

Asalamulaikum brother
there are usually two eids in Pakistan due to differences between Muslim Scholars.  There are two committees who conduct meeting regarding moon sighting. one committee is conducted under the supervision of the Government where as the other is conducted by a local mufti here in over Province as the scholar says that the state committee doesnt accept shahadat by the people of our province. According to Islamic Law does this person has the authority to conduct meeting for moon sighting as the people give the reference that we should Fast if there is Fast in the city and we shall celebrate Eid if there is Eid in the area. what Islam says about this. The state committee at times make decisions on political basis as in the recent meeting he said that we should announce the decision of not sighting the moon before the people of our province announces seeing of moon sighting. I went to Madina Munawara in 2014 there i heard from a scholar in Masjid e Nabwi that we should follow the state. my question is that whom should we follow the local committee decision or we should follow the state decision. I am following the State for the last 12 years. Please explain with references from ahadiz and Quran as this issue is spoiling the prayers of million of people every year in Pakistan

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Admin Staff answered 7 years ago

walikum asalam
brother in that case best thing is that you try to look for moon yourself on that day and don’t believe others if you feel that they are cheating.
if you can see moon on that day you can start fasting. if no then wait for other day no matter what others say

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