Fabiha asked 2 years ago

Asslamaualaikum, I’m in love with someone. But my father don’t like this. I was  parda girl before I met him. But he had Desire of zina. But he also want to marry with me . But I think it’s seems like I’m broking trust of my father. And also making allah sad to me. We kissed? many time. Now I realised that it’s really bad or incorporate. How can make allah happy to me and male forgive to me. And if my father will know he will be very upset to me. Plz help me how can make allah forgive me or how can I be nek? And what if I will do parda? Can Allah will give me better husband in future after this. Allah is gafuro rahim. But I made very gunah?. I count them. I want to do tauba. Plz advice.

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