Masturbation after marriage is right or wrong?

Question-AnswersCategory: Sex and HealthMasturbation after marriage is right or wrong?
Ahmed asked 4 years ago

Its been two years of me got married. When i ask her to have sex she refuses or giving reasons for not having sex like (she have to talk ghusul and she cant do daily because we are living in a joint family, she thinks my mother ask her why shes wasting water daily) because of this i cant have sex when i needed. And i masturbate behind her or not telling that i masturbated. I feel so bad why im doing this but what can i do if she always refuses or giving this kind of explanations. Please suggest me what should i do i always ask her but she always do the same and now i dont ask her just do it my self and satisfy my sexual desires by masturbating. Help me what should i do. 

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Syed hamad answered 4 years ago

Asalam o alikum, 
Please discuss this with your wife with cool mind, recite astaghfar as much you can. 
Hadees sharef mai ata hai kay agar mard biwi ko apni zaroort keliye pas bulayay aur wo inkar karay to farishtay subho tak us par lanat kartay hain, 

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