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I think i will go insane if i dont stop this stupid habit of mastrbation. i used to do it every 3 days but now i have controlled it to a 2 to 3 weeks but still have not been able to stop it. i want to GET RID OF IT. i tried many things……..for every woman i looked at, i prayed 2 rakaat…for every bad thought i had about a a woman, i prayed another 2 rakaat….for every masturbation, i prayed 10 rakaat. i do masnoon dhikr every morning and evening and  pray at the masjid 4 times a day. i drink 1.5 liter water every morning to stay active……i play sports and every friday, i read surah kahf. i dont watch porn AT ALL. I dont look at random women,.. i used to be attracted to one but i have managed to get her out of my head and have stopped looking at her.and i have tried almost every tip on internet.. i am even considering burning my right hand over candle fire for everytime i do this sin…………STILL i have not been able to stop……..although there was a period i didnt masturbate for 6 months in winters, i still started it again after that……tell me what should i do now…its like an addiction….i feel i need to go to a rehab but i dont have time because i am an A levels student..                    PLEASE HELP ME OUT, I DONT WANNA DO THIS SIN!!!!!!

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walikum asalam brother,
indeed ALLAH is most forgiving and merciful. whenever you do bad deed seek for forgiveness and say astaghfirullah.
Hazur pak p.b.u.h kay pas aik shaks aya tha and us nay kaha ya Rasool ALLAH p.b.u.h mujh say gunah bar bar ho jata hai main phir toba kar laita hon par gunah dobara ho jata hai. is par hamaray nabi pak p.b.u.h nay farmaya tha kay gunah ho jaye to toba kar lia karo. aur aagay mafhood tha ghunia tul taleebeen book main kay yahan tak toba karo kay shaitan tang aa jaye aur wo waswasay dalna chor day.
also fasting breaks the lustfull thoughts. so ap waisay hi roza rakh lia karain. zyada behtar hai kay aap monday aur thursday ko roza rakh lia karain.
aur apni ghiza bhi normal rakhain bhut garam cheezon say parhaiz karain jaisay kay pyaz etc kam sa kam istemal karain.
so keep praying and ask for help and forgivness from ALLAH
your problem will be solved inshaALLAH

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