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Fozia asked 3 years ago

Assalam u allaikum.  I have an urgent query. I am married for 10yrs now. Suffered 3 miscarriages before being blessed with a son and a daughter a year later. Both children now 5 &6 are special needs and too much most of the time and i have no help as me and husband live alone in uk, where my inlaws will join soon once travelling restrictions from pakistan are lifted. Not to mention I also feel neglected by my husband due to phone, work or family. As if I only exist for cooking cleaning visas for him and his family. I am constantly tired, depressed, diabetes and obese with a couple of other health issues for which i take painkillers regularly.  My husband insists on a 3rd child to look after these two once we are no more as well as hoping that 3rd will be normal. I spoke to many people all suggesting against it many of whom are professionals I want to know my islamic rights. I already struggle with the two kids i have, and myself and the house. Do I have to give my husband another child if he wants me to? Do i have the right to refuse? Or am I sinning? I am already struggling to keep up with Salah and fasts too i do not want to add more sins to my name. HELP ME PLEASE

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Syed Hamad Khalid answered 3 years ago

Sister  keep reciting tasbeeh of astaghfirulah and this is a matter in which you need to talk to your husband. Involve a third person in this matter who is your well wisher.
InshaALLAH matter will be solved.
Islam don’t put burden on anyone. Its just that some people use it for own benifit or as a shield. 
ALLAH is merciful. 
yes husband words are also important. But first matter needs to be solved with discussion.

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