Marriage concern need immediate response

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Salma asked 2 years ago

I was engaged to one of the guys with consent of both the familes, but in between few issues led to big quarell in which my mother said few things as she was out of mind. She said to her mother that your son had physical relationship with me. This got spreaded to all members of that area…now the things had been neturalized  but boy’s mother is not ready for our marriage as she is stating that as per islam I am Haram for his son . Just wanted to know how can a saying make me Haram for his son…does the Islam really says this….please help me out I just know as my relationship has come to an a girl I cannot Bear this as we have already told all our relatives that marriage is soon gonna take place. My mom and my fiancee never had any wrong relation I am 100% sure than how can I be haraam for his son as per islam…please advice me 

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