Marriage Between Muslim and Atheist

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Kunwar Mehmood asked 4 years ago

Salaam, so marriage between a Muslim male and an Atheist woman is forbidden in Islam. But what is the significance behind this law? What good is connected behind such a law, as every matter in Islam is related to good. Also, note that marriage is not a way please or Praise Allah but it is a social act and laws or guidelines regarding social acts are explained with reasoning, so basically I’m looking for the reasoning and explanation behind this law.

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Syed Hamad Khalid answered 4 years ago


These are the rules by islam. as you can see if a person don’t believe in GOD how will she raise her children ? islam is not only about reciting kalima. its full way for life. Athiests don’t believe in GOD so she should not marry to person who is living life according to rules by islam.

zina is prohibited in islam other wrong things are stopped by islam but if a person who don’t believe in GOD at all he / she will not follow these things.

Thats the reason muslim male can marry muslim female. so they can live life according to islam.


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