Aleena asked 3 years ago

I was forces into a marriage I didn\’t wanted to be very forcefully . I could settle there I asked for khula  But my parents are not accepting this they cry whole night that I have damaged their izzat and my father he tortures my mother with her worda beacuse she is out of cast and everyone in my fathers family blames my mother that she hasn\’t raised me right . Just because I didn\’t want to keep marriage to my cousin because I lime someone else . And I told them about my choice before nikkah they didn\’t agree and forced me into nikkah and now the situation is all what I told you above  What should I do ?

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Syed hamad answered 3 years ago

Hello Aleena,

Please spend sometime with husband. if  he is good and pious person you should continue life with him.

A pious person is a way for you towards jannah.

But if they hurt you physically without any reason then you can take khulla.


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