Rahila asked 4 years ago

There was a marriage proposal for me everybody was good family members and boy ..and they like me as well ..even the boy is very educated he is an IIT\’an and my family also likes him they r going to fix my marriage but the problem is I don\’t like him is is short from me and I had a meeting with him as per sharia but I don\’t feel any connection..he is not my type so what should I do .. should I marry him..but I can\’t love doubt he is very good and nice person but he is different as I want should I do nikah with him without my heart just because my family likes him and he is perfect

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Admin Staff answered 3 years ago


Sister if you feel you can spend your life with him and you will stay happy, you should go for marriage. if you feel hate or something. sometimes shaitan attack person thoughts.

Share this with your parents also that how you feel about that guy.
if he is good in deen, he will surely keep you happy 🙂


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