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Two months ago, I faced a proposal through proper family channel.. The person was not known to me. Initially, i was very confused to take decision and everyone was praising the guy. I performed istakhara and after some days i decided to talk to the that guy to discuss some issues related to job. When i contacted him, we talked on all major issues. According to him he also performed istakhara before sending proposal and he found it very pleasing. Then when we talked in detail, i got satisfied from the proposal, which i was not initially. Then when i asked my mother to answer positively, all of a sudden, the boy’s mother rejected the relationship saying it has been two months you people didn’t answer to their proposal. I found positive answer after performing istakhara and talking to the boy but the rejection made at their end.
My question is was the rejection in favour of us, as i mentioned earlier that the boy also performed istakhara and he found so good results. Then sudden rejection from his family side is sign of what? I am facing very much stress these days. Kindly inform me as soon as possible.

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walikum asalam sister,
There is no need to worry about it. even if istekhara was good like he told you and now that relation is broken still its good for you because ALLAH plan is always best. he choose best for his loved ones. if he separated you from him then surely ALLAH planned much better for you.
Never ever think that you lost or ALLAH is angry with you etc. hazrat ali r.a said “main khush hota hoon agar koi kaam meri khuahish kay mutabiq ho magar us say bhi ziada khush hota hoon agar wo meri khuahish kay mutabiq na ho.(kiuke wo ALLAH ki marzi kay mutabiq ho rha hota hai.)”
So Don’t worry and ALLAH apko is say behtar rishta day ga. inshaALLAH
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