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Muhammad Zubair Mahmood asked 5 years ago

we all know that when Allah decided to create man, the angles said to Allah that if you are going to send man as your khalifah to earth, he is going to corrupt the system on earth and will do bloodshed. Then Allah created Adam and told all angles to bow in front of Adam. This was the point when Iblees disobeyed and so he said that he is going to misguide the man from Siraat ul Mustaqeem and it was he who got Adam out of Jannah. i have 2 questions regarding this
(1) Why was Adam sent to Jannah in the first place when as per the initial plan he was created to be sent to earth.
(2) How did the angles know that man is going to ruin the system on earth because at the time of creation of man there was no shaitaan so there was noone to take man away from Allah’s path. (because before creation of man, iblees had not disobeyed Allah)

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