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Warisha asked 1 year ago

assalamo alaikum i am live in karachi or may jis say piyaar karti hoo wo cyprus retha hay or wo october last wo araha hay karachi or uskay relatives may koi nahi hay to wo rishta lekar araha hay or ap mujhe aisa bataye kay may apni ammmi ko kaise batao kay may kisi milwana chathii hoo kio kay meray ammmi abbu bhot strict hay ab ap bataye kia karo may

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Admin Staff answered 12 months ago

Wa alaikum assalam. Islam encourages finding a life partner through the proper channels of family involvement, seeking advice and guidance from elders, and making sure that the potential spouse is compatible in terms of religion, character, and other important factors.

In your situation, it would be best to involve your family in the process and seek their guidance and support. You could approach your parents respectfully and explain your feelings and intentions, and ask for their help in finding a suitable spouse. It may be helpful to discuss the qualities and values that are important to you in a spouse, and explain why you believe this person may be a good match.

Remember to approach the conversation with patience, kindness, and respect for your parents’ opinions and concerns. Keep in mind that ultimately, it is Allah (SWT) who guides our hearts and makes things possible, so pray for guidance and trust in His plan.

May Allah (SWT) bless you and guide you to make the best decisions for your life and your future spouse.

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