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Gul khan asked 4 years ago

AOA sir Please advice for the below situation If man and lady loving each other from 4 to 5 years also they had sex from starting but from last 2 years they left and make toba from Allah they didnt met for the sake of marriage man has committed that he will marry her and the lady also accepted and waiting for him but when he starting convincing his mother she rejected She said leave that lady or leave us for whole life because his brother of man he saw all the private chat with man and lady where they discussed about their previous sexual relation and he told to his mother everything that they had sexual relation before and the lady is characterless we will not accept, but they are loyal to each other and dont want to marry except each other because of too much good understanding and attachment. He has given 2 options to his mother i will do 1st marriage as per your requirements but second with my girlfriend but his mother dont want to accept at any cost, he is the only care taker person of the family he dont want to leave his family as well as this lady beautiful he make commitment Please advise what is the rights of a son in this situation as per Islamic point of view? Please advice what he should do as per the Islamic point of view what islam has given the right to him

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