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Rubina asked 3 years ago

Today after sehri i saw a dream, in which a women with red eyes is coming and suddenly she fell down and enter my house, i ask my father in law father in law who is she? They replied she is my husband\\\\\\\’s mom, and i ask how dead people can be alive ( my husband\\\\\\\’s mom is dead nearly 12 yrs ago) after she said I\\\\\\\’m come here to take you with me, i scared every time when i see her bloody eyes. And she said i will too took ur father in law with us and lastly i got so scared when i listen lots of scary sounds. What does this dream mean??

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Syed Hamad answered 3 years ago


Sister don’t get worried. 

Some dreams are just thoughts.

Keep reciting astaghar and when you wake up and feel dream was bad. never tell it to anyone and recite auzu billah himnashitua nirajeem bismillah hirahma niraheem 3 times and spit to the left.

Dream will not harm you.


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