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Wasif asked 5 months ago

Salam , i hope you all are doing fine , im living in joint family since i was born and im currently 22 now , as i grew up i noticed alot of things in the household like how my uncle treats us and all and what type of words he uses for us , we always had a fight with my father to get my uncle out of the house as its my father house but my father says he is letting him live with him bec he is not financially stable and he wanna support him , but at the same time his brother (my uncle) is disrespecting my mom , my sis and my father but when my father is home he acts like the sweetest person . recently something happend which maked me angry and i shouted at my uncle as he disrespected at my sis and since then the atmosphere in the house is quite toxic  but whenever i discuss this with my father he says it’s encouraged to live together and support each other in islam . I gave my father many examples but he still says its like this and we will stay like this  so my question is am i right for taking stand infront of my uncle for the respect of my mom and sis? And is it okay according to islam to make him leave the house and get his own for his own family? Because my father says he is letting him stay to support him for the blessings of Allah almighty but at the same time this is also causing alot of issues as now im facings mental health issues aswell 

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