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Mr.tariq jameel sahib A/A
I’m from  indian occupied kashmir you  may be  well aware about the situation in kashmir people are killed every day tension is raising day by day but in repulsion of Indian barbarism  kashmir are protesting every time and now stone pelting is another trend in kashmir and I want ask you is it correct in Islamic prospective to fight for your freedom to fight against the barbarians and why the tableegi  in our state doesn’t utter a word regarding this they must tell people that it is right or wrong and if it is right why don’t they support us u are well aware about the kashmir political history so keeping all the facts in view please give answer to my question

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Admin Staff answered 7 years ago

walikum asalam brother
first of all i am not molana tariq jameel,
and yes you can fight for your right and for your land. its not a sin
you are doing this to protect your land and you are trying to keep your family safe from enemies so its jehad

may ALLAH reward you for this

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