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Muhammed asked 3 years ago

Salaams I would like to find out a ruling on the following. A person passed away he was survived by 2 daughters only. He had one son and one daughter who passed away prior to him passing away.(They have children as well) Their is an Islamic will in place for personal assets and their is also a trust in place for all the business assets. According to the will Islamically it is stated that the assets should be distributed 33% each to 2 daughters and 11.11% to 3 sons being the Children of the deceaseds son. According to the trust it states that distribution should be 40% son and 20% each for 3 daughters. It also states that if any beneficiary passes away then the shares of the trust should be transferred down to the children of the beneficiary according to Islamic law. Would the trust be a valid way of distributing the business assets according to what was stated in the trust in the lifetime of the deceased and the will be sufficient to distribute the personal assets of the deceased? Please let me know if you require anymore clarity Sent from my iPhone

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