Is the comission halal or haram

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Shahroze Sammy asked 4 years ago

Hi how are you i wanted to ask a question about my business , let me introduce myself my name is Shahroze Sammy i am 21 years old male. Now, we are 3 partners in a company and each have his own amount of share but i do the most of the work.Now , an item that sells for more i put the less price on an invoice and whatever price i put i deduct that price from the actual price it was to sell for and difference amount i take as my personal comission from my customer i was confused and just wanted to ask that is it halal or haram. The condition in my case is that i am the one who handle all the stuff and, nobody asks me anything nor i have to lie about anything to anyone i am just confused that making the commission in that way is it permissible or is it haram .

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Syed Hamad Khalid answered 4 years ago


If you are getting a product, increasing or changing its amount to get profit there is nothing bad in it. but price should not be double then the actual price of product.

Profit is totally fine.


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